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Termite Damage
Termite Damage Repair

Before any professional repair can be performed to your home or commercial building, measures should be taken to ensure that the infestation has been exterminated. This is important because it will prevent costly repairs in the future.


If you have a bad infestation of termites, and if it has ruined the wood in your home, call Bad Boys Termite & Pest Control to repair the damages. Depending on the damage, we'll use repair strategies or products like adhesives, wood hardeners, or sealers.

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If the termite infestation is deep-seated and shows extensive damage, you can trust our licensed, knowledgeable contractors to fix it right and fast. You can feel confident as our work is guaranteed. If necessary, we’ll remove the old wood and replace it with the new and also rebuild crawl space vents as well as doors.


Having served customers for 30 years, our professionals are best suited to handle any kind of termite damage repair.

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